Activities and Excursions on Curacao

A familiar feeling to the many Dutch people who have visited Curacao over the years. Especially if one notices that one can go everywhere with Dutch. Dutch is still the official language here and is widely spoken and understood. Especially in the capital, Willemstad, curaçao, is special because of the predominantly Dutch, but also Spanish and African influences that have left their mark on the capital. So special and unique that UNESCO has placed this Dutch colonial heritage on the world heritage list.

As described in the nomination, Willemstad is a well-preserved testimony to the "Dutch colonial past", but also to "350 years of interregional interaction in the social, economic, cultural and administrative fields". Willemstad has taken an important place within the Kingdom alongside other Dutch cultural monuments that have been placed on the World Heritage List: the former island of Schokland, the Molencomplex at Kinderdijk, the Stelling van Amsterdam, the Ir.D.F. Woudagemaal at Lemmer and the Beemster Polder. And what about all the events that take place annually in Curaçao?

The best way to see the old city is to participate in one of the organized hikes led by local architects and historians. So you can enjoy the many romantic alleys and corridors, old weathered monuments from a glorious past and the beautiful architecture of the restored neighborhoods. There is ample opportunity to shopping. The many country houses and forts in and outside the capital also tell their own story about the historical development of the island and its ties with the former motherland. For those who want to delve deeper into the history of the island, a visit to the many museums is highly recommended.

Not only the culture and architecture make a visit to this island a unique experience but also the many other recreational opportunities the island has to offer. Of course the many beautiful beaches along the south coast are one of the biggest attractions of the island. Curacao has a variety of beaches and bays to offer (about 38) each with their own charm. The pleasant water temperature (average 25 degrees Celsius) makes swimming a pleasant activity throughout the year during your vacation. Seen all the beaches on Curaçao? Make a day trip to the paradise beach of The Island Of Klein Curaçao.

Curacao, with about 100 dive sites scattered along the south coast, is a popular destination for divers. The island originally consists of volcanic limestone on which coral has been deposited for centuries. This can be seen quickly during a first dive. Right along the coastline you will find beautiful coral reefs. If you find diving too much of a leap, the underwater world need not remain hidden to you. Snorkeling is also one of the possibilities on this versatile island, where you can see the most beautiful panoramas from the surface.

For nature lovers there is also plenty to experience on Curacao. The island is home to some 500 species of plants and trees. Some you will find nowhere else in the world. Especially birds are amply represented. The Trupial is a cheeky, intelligent, lively and proud little bird that only occurs on the Leeward Islands. Nature parks such as the Christoffelpark and Hofi Pastor offer the opportunity to see the fascinating Curaçao landscape through marked hiking and car routes and under the guidance of experienced guides. If you are interested in natural healing methods, then a visit to the Herbs Garden is worthwhile. Much of the local vegetation is cultivated here and carefully catalogued for use as medicine.

For the golfer it is interesting to note that the old Blue plantation has been transformed into a championship 18 hole golf course, with part of the old plantation preserved, as well as the old mansion. Of the 18 holes, with a total yardage of 6736, a number of holes are located directly along the Caribbean Sea, while others are located in the old plantation Blue. A varied golf game, stunning views of the island and the Caribbean Sea, and a spectacular hole 5 (PAR3) over the sea, are all challenges that Blue Bay golf course offers.

The island also boasts a wide variety of restaurants. The cuisine varies from old Dutch to Creole and it does not always have to be expensive. Even if you want to eat during your vacation inexpensively that can very well be done on Curacao. This diversity can also be found in the accommodation offer. From apartments and bungalow complexes to luxury hotels. Many of these bungalows are for sale to visitors who want to stay on the island for a longer time (winter). The island has no "mega-hotels" and few high-rise buildings compared to other tourist destinations.

Curacao is a perfect year-round vacation destination. The island has no rainy seasons and is outside the hurricane zone. There are no health risks. Vaccinations are not necessary and the drinking water (purified seawater) is pure and clean and can be consumed directly from the tap. Moreover, medical care in Curacao is based on Dutch standards. The St. Elizabeth Hospital is modern, the best in the region and can be reached within 20 minutes from any point on the island. There are also several other hospitals on the island. medical centers established.