The Sights, Curacao

Curaçao has a number of nice sights, some of which date back to colonial times. The capital is an attraction in itself and the island also has several nice museums.

Plantation Houses

The plantation houses on Curaçao were built in the Dutch style. The plantation house was inhabited by the owner of a plantation. The most famous plantation house is the Brievengat (in the district Brievengat). Some other plantation houses that are worth visiting during your vacation are Martha, Landhuis Jan Kok and Landhuis Doktertuin.

Hato Caves

The Hato Caves are several stalactite caves and water features. In the caves you will find some murals that are up to 1500 years old. During colonial times slaves hid in these caves.

Reef Fortress

Rif Fort used to be used as a lookout point to protect the port. Now you will find some luxury stores and good restaurants. You can also enjoy a nice drink on a terrace.

Christoffel Park

The Christoffel Park is the largest national park on Curaçao. You can hike eight different routes there or book various excursions.

Maritime museum

The Maritime Museum gives an insight into the shipping history of Curaçao. You will learn more about the oil industry, among other things.

Ostrich Farm

It won't surprise you, but at the ostrich farm, you'll find heaps of ostriches. You can even ride one if you like. If that doesn't appeal to you, you can also just watch the animals.

Kura Hulanda museum

This museum takes you into the slave history of Curaçao. Antillean art is also featured here.


Otrabanda is a cozy neighborhood in Curacao. Here you will find the colorful houses that you always see on the internet. Among other things, you will find a library, conference center and also the above-mentioned museum, Kura Hulanda, is located here.

Willemstad, curaçao

Last, but not least: Willemstad, curaçao. The capital of Curacao offers several nice attractions. This city is therefore not to be missed during your vacation to the island. You will find several nice stores and good restaurants. The Handelskade in the district Punda is the most famous spot of the island. You will find a typical Dutch colonial atmosphere through all the facades. On the corner of the Handelskade you will also find a floating market. Several boats bring fruits and vegetables from Venezuela to Curacao.

Punda is the oldest part of Willemstad. You will find here some historical buildings such as the Fort Amsterdam. This fort was built in 1635 and has subsequently been renovated several times. The Round Market in Willemstad is especially for the budget tourist: you can eat here at great prices. You can eat snacks, fruits and vegetables and other dishes. Also for those who want to store in Curacao can go to Willemstad. The Riffort & Renaissance Mall is considered the most luxurious area of the island. The large shopping center has several eateries, clothing stores and bag stores.