The Island Of Klein Curaçao

Must do: Visit Klein Curacao. Klein Curacao is a small uninhabited island located southeast of Curacao. On the island stands a lighthouse of 20 meters high and there are several shipwrecks. Klein Curacao is known for its pearly white beach and clear seawater. Just off the coast of Klein Curaçao turtles can be seen. Klein Curaçao is perhaps the best snorkeling spot on Curaçao. Divers and snorkelers can't stop talking about the beauty of the underwater world. There is an enormous diversity of tropical brightly colored fish, sea turtles, sponges and coral. In addition, you can take a wonderful walk around the island along the various shipwrecks.

Turtles Klein Curacao

Off the coast of Klein curacao turtles can often be found. These turtles come to the coastline of Klein curacao to eat plants that grow underwater. The turtles are used to the tourists and are therefore not afraid of you. If you are quietly floating (with snorkel) you can get a good look at them. Note: NEVER touch the turtles! The turtles are not resistant to bacilli and viruses that we humans carry and they can get sick just by touching them. In addition, they have strong jaws and if you make them angry they can bite off a finger. You will find the turtles seen from the water on the right side of the beach. At the place where the first rocks lie on the coastline about 5-10 meters into the sea. Enjoy!

Boat tour providers

There are several providers of boat trips to Klein Curaçao. Every day the catamaran Jonalisa of Bounty Adventures goes to Klein Curaçao. For about $100 you have a fully catered day to Klein Curacao. In the early morning the boat leaves from the piratesnest restaurant. Upon arrival on board there will be a breakfast (sandwich ham / cheese) with coffee and tea for you. After the instructions of the crew, the catamaran leaves the harbor and starts the 45-60 minute boat trip to Klein Curacao. The way there is against the current and will therefore be a bit turbulent.

Arriving at Klein Curaçao, the boat anchors about 50 meters off the coast. The snorkels and flippers are distributed and a small motorboat is used to shuttle back and forth to the beautiful white sandy beach. In the afternoon there is a fully catered BBQ ready on the boat. After lunch there is ample opportunity to snorkel, walk or enjoy the drinks (all inclusive!). At about 15:30 hours the sails are set and the boat leaves for Curaçao. The water is flat and there is delicious drinks on the boat. Around 17 hours the boat is back at the starting point.

After lunch on the Jonalisa, the leftovers are fed to the fish below the catamaran. Tip: just before this, get in the water with your snorkel and underwater camera.