Hiking on Curacao

Curacao is not only the dream destination for beach lovers, but has also been home for years to the active and adventurous holidaymaker. You can enjoy fantastic diving, snorkeling and of course mountain biking. In addition, hiking and walking in Curacao is becoming increasingly popular. This is not just the case, it is because the island has special hiking areas for both the novice and the more experienced hiker.

Hofi Pastor

The nature park Hofi Pastor is an absolute must-see for hikers. In this fairytale-like nature reserve, located along the route to West Point near the village of Barber, is not only a special hiking area but you will also find the oldest tree in Curaçao. The over 800 year old Kapok tree is a popular attraction and well worth a visit. It is a beautiful tree to photograph or to take a picture of yourself. In the forest is a walk of half an hour plotted where halfway can be stopped at an attractive picnic area overlooking the park. Visitors who visit Hofi Pastor during the full moon can take a special evening walk of about eight kilometers. It is important before you start walking to apply sunscreen, bring plenty of drinking water and preferably wear a cap or hat to protect yourself from the sun.