Souvenirs, Curacao

Souvenirs from Curacao

Local Articles

  • Earthenware replicas of Curaçao buildings
  •  Square nickels and coins of fifty cents
  • Hanging flower pots made from old car tires that resemble brightly colored tropical birds
  • Handmade dolls in folkloric costumes
  • Postcards and notepads painted by Curaçao artists
  • Local music
  • Handmade kites (January-April)
  • Works by Curacao artists

International Articles

  • Hand-embroidered linen from Belgium, Netherlands and China
  • Delft blue pottery and clogs
  • Woodcarvings and paintings from Haiti and the Dominican Republic
  • South American hammocks

Food and drink

  • Whole nutmegs and cinnamon bars from the floating market
  • Curaçao sweets
  • Locally made lemon and tamarind syrup
  • Whole Dutch cheeses
  • Sweet and salty Dutch liquorice
  • Indonesian spices and sauces
  • Curacao liqueur
  • Amstel beer (brewed from seawater)
  • Ponche Crema (local lawyer)
  • Wine from Chile
  • Fine international liquors