Cultural relaxation on Curacao

During a vacation Curacao comes every tourist face to face with the beautiful nature and culture that Curacao has to offer. From the many palm trees, to the white beaches and blue sea, a vacation Curacao guarantees relaxation, adventure and enjoyment!

In Curaçao every tourist can have a good time, because in Curaçao there is a lot to do! There are many villages where tourists can enjoy shopping, or eat something tasty. In addition, the many beaches offer the ideal opportunity to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather. The forests and nature reserves also offer the opportunity to take a quiet walk in the woods.

Culture on Curacao

Curaçao has many sights worth visiting. A well-known sight on Curaçao is the Fort Nassau. This building is situated on a mountain. A view from this building is therefore a unique and special experience!

Curaçao used to be a colony of the Netherlands, therefore many characteristics of the Dutch rule can still be found on this island. Many houses on the island are built in Dutch style. There are also many monuments erected to mark the Dutch rule. There are also museums on Curaçao where much information can be found about the history of Curaçao.

Relaxing on Curacao

Besides being rich in culture, Curaçao also has many opportunities to blow off steam and enjoy the vacation. This can of course on the many beaches, during an hour of sunbathing or a dip in the sea, but Curacao also has an extensive nightlife. In downtown Willemstad there are numerous cafes where locals and tourists enjoy each other.

On Curaçao there is much to experience! Nature lovers can stroll through the vast nature and culture lovers can discover the history of the island in the many museums. Tourists who like adventure can party in the many cafes, and thus taste the real atmosphere of Curacao. A vacation to Curacao assures everyone of a fun and special time!