Curaçao what to do?

During your vacation on Curaçao you can do various excursions and activities. You can include diving, deep sea fishing, golfing, sailing, mountain biking, on safari, hiking or parasailing. See here an overview of what to do in Curacao.


Diving is by far the most booked excursion on the island. The tropical sea is a perfect place for diving. The underwater life is very special: various tropical fish and moreover you will find a lot of coral and beautiful underwater rocks. On the west side of the island you will find a lot of coral. On this side of the island the water is calmer.

The northern tip of the island is relatively rough and often unsuitable for good diving. This area is especially popular with kite- and windsurfers.

Curaçao has many different diving schools where you can go. You can ask at your hotel or resort for the nearest dive school. Diving on Curaçao is downright beautiful. They say that Bonaire is even slightly more beautiful, but Curacao is already a step in the right direction.

Deep Sea Fishing

Not only divers and surfers can enjoy the waters of Curaçao, but also the real fishermen among us can have fun here. The real anglers can catch mega-sized fish. It is a real challenge to bring in the fish!

Golf on Curacao

A slightly more relaxing sport is of course golf. Also on Curacao you can enjoy golf. The most famous golf course is Curacao Golf & Squash Club. There are 18 holes and you can play a lot.


If you book a vacation to Curacao to enjoy sailing you've come to the right place. In the north there is enough wind for great sailing.

Mountain biking

Mountain biking during your vacation in Curacao is great fun: there are suitable paths for cycling. The rugged landscape is perfect for the extreme sportsman. Large parts of the island are covered with forests, which makes for great off-road mountain biking. This is why many professional mountain bikers travel to the island to enjoy some cycling. In addition to mountain biking, you can also rent a regular bicycle and cycle over the less rugged terrain.

On Safari

Several safari tours are offered on the island. Your hotel or resort can advise you on the nearest safari tour. Respect nature, however, as it can quickly become unbalanced. Therefore, follow the rules imposed by the tour company. There are three different parks where tours are offered: the Christoffel Park, Watamula Park and the Shete Boka Park. You will find various species of birds, lizards and sea turtles among other things in the three parks.

Hiking on Curacao

The island offers countless opportunities to go hiking. Curacao has about 40 different paths that you can walk to visit all ends of the island. Alternatively, you can rent a car or travel by public transportation. You can also rent a bicycle.


Parasailing is a popular water sport that can be booked relatively cheaply these days. Once in the air you have a beautiful view over the island and that is why it is highly recommended. Floating above the sea is a fun activity and offers a lot of entertainment. Check in advance to the various providers, because in terms of price it can be quite a difference.