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Book Elements Hotel & Shops now via TUI.com from € 1257.00. Departure from Amsterdam and enjoy a nice days stay in this 4 star residence in Willemstad. The price is p.p. based on 2 persons. Enjoy a wonderful vacation to paradise Curacao. A gem on Curaçao, Right in the middle of Willemstad, Unique roof terrace with pool, Beautiful 360° views, Large shopping and restaurant area, The whole family is welcome & transfers included.

9-Day Sun Vacation to Curacao at Elements Hotel & Shops. Click below to view the current offer to Curacao at TUI. You can also read reviews, experiences and ratings of vacations here. Elements Hotel & Shops is rated by TUI customers with a . TUI flies daily to Curaçao and therefore has a wide range of sun vacations and flight tickets to Curaçao.

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Elements Hotel & Shops TUI curaçao