The Bus on the island

Bus transportation on Curacao

Public transportation in Curacao is somewhat limited, but very inexpensive. Buses are the only means of public transportation. There are large buses (as we know them) and small vans. You can visit the island by bus, but the public transport is somewhat limited. Curaçao has two types of public transportation: the large yellow or blue buses called "convoy" and, on the most traveled public roads, the small buses called "bus" (these can be recognized by the designation BUS on the license plate). The main bus stations are located at the post office at the Waaigat in Punda and at the viaduct in Otrobanda.

Bus Tickets

Bus fares for the large buses are NAfl. 1.= for trips within the city and to locations in the east, and NAfl. 1.50 for trips to the western part of the island. The buses run most city routes once an hour, every two hours to locations in the west, and less frequently on Sundays. If you are seriously considering using public transportation, get a copy of the Buki di Bus: Bus Schedules and Routes, published by the Autobus Company Curaçao for the small price of NAfl. 1.45. The small buses run more frequently, but without a fixed schedule.

The large buses run on a fixed schedule (although the times are a little less punctual than we are used to) and go to all corners of the island. There are many bus stops on the island, so if you travel by bus you almost never have to walk far to your final destination. There are 2 central bus stations in Willemstad. All buses to Bandabou (west side of the island) depart from the bus station next to the viaduct in Otrobanda (on Sebastopolstraat). All buses heading to Bandariba (east side) depart from the bus station at the Waaigat in Punda (Waaigatplein). Most buses run every hour during the week, however, the longer trips towards the west run every 2 hours. Fare is Naf 1.60 for the city neighborhoods and the east and Naf 2.10 for the western routes. Bus tickets can be purchased on the bus and it is appreciated if one can pay in cash.

The minivans drive mainly on the busier city routes and Mambo Beach / Sea Aquarium and can be recognized by the word BUS on the license plate. The minibuses have no fixed schedule and often drop you off at your destination. You can stop the vans anywhere along the road by simply raising your hand. The fare is usually between Naf 3.00 and Naf 5.00.