Sockets on Curacao

The mains voltage on Curaçao is 110-130 volts/50 hertz. For many Dutch appliances this will not cause any problems, but always check the manual to see if an adapter is needed. The sockets are suitable for 'American plugs' with flat poles. Note: a travel plug (or universal plug) is usually not an adapter!

adapter for american plug curacao
An adapter for an American outlet.

Electricity on Curacao

Because the power supply on Curaçao is not always constant, you should be extra careful when using sensitive equipment such as laptops. You may want to bring a power protector. We advise you to unplug devices when no power is needed. Even if the power goes out, it's best to unplug as many devices as possible, as starting the power supply is often accompanied by spikes on the grid. You can have the batteries of photo and video equipment charged at dive shops or photo stores.