What to wear on Trips?

Given that over the course of the year, and with summer temperatures, it is lightweight, perfect casual wear, it is excellent. Protect yourself with outside in the sun. Most of the buildings are air-conditioned and perhaps you could just add a light jacket or long-sleeve shirt may be worn. The plastic is in the tropics, are usually not comfortable linen and cotton wear is the best. The local population is going to be well-dressed, in particular, in the events of the evening to be kept; and for the festivities, and will certainly come to behave. The hard-easterly trade winds make the wearing of omslagkleding and full skirts are difficult. In some of the restaurants may not be a pair of shorts and slippers are to be worn; however, in some casinos, it is a dress coat for men, is required. To the naked dress and swimwear is not appropriate, except on the beach. If you're planning on going for a walk in the countryside, wear sturdy shoes and long pants to keep your legs and at the entrance to the preserve.