Supermarkets on Curacao

Besides a number of small, also several large supermarkets can be found on Curacao. Globally, you can choose between Western-oriented supermarkets which are often a lot more expensive and local supermarkets. In general, prices are a bit higher than we are used to, especially in the western supermarkets.

In Western supermarkets (there has even been an Albert Heijn in recent years) you will naturally find more familiar (brand) products. The layout is also more organized and the aisles are wider. The local supermarkets are often a bit smaller, but completely packed, resulting in very narrow aisles. The quality of the products in many cases is certainly not less, but it's just different than you're used to.

Most supermarkets carry products from all regions, from the United States to South America, and from local to Dutch. Fruits and vegetables mostly come from Venezuela and are generally of lower quality than we are used to. Meat often comes from Argentina and dairy products of course mostly from our familiar Holland. Only the price is a little less familiar!

At all supermarkets there are "packers", who pack up all the groceries for you and carry them to the car. These packers don't get paid, and live off the tips they get. Usually 1 guilder is given to them.

Tips supermarket curacao

  • Always pay attention to the expiration date. There are sometimes products on the shelves that are past their expiration date
  • The bread is not equally tasty everywhere. Centrum Supermarket actually always has good bread
  • Also, try local products or take fewer A-brands. This will make a significant difference in your wallet!

Below are the addresses of the larger supermarkets. In addition to these supermarkets, there are many small markets.

Albert Heijn
Kaya Jacob Posner 28
Zeelandia, Willemstad

Center Supermarket Piscadera
Road to Bullenbaai z/n
Piscadera, Willemstad

Center Supermarket Mahaai
S.B.N. Doormanweg 26 
Willemstad, curaçao

Mangusa Mega Mall (locally oriented)
Cas Coraweg
Willemstad, curaçao

Mangusa Rio Canaria (locally oriented)
Rio Canaria
Willemstad, curaçao

Schubappelweg z/n (Side road Caracasbaaiweg)
Willemstad, curaçao