For Taxi, Curacao

Cab in Curacao

Cabs are easily identified by the cab sign and by the letters TX on the license plate. There are cab ranks at the airport, in Punda and Otrobanda, and outside near the larger hotels. The cabs do not have meters, but standard fares exist; do agree on the fare in advance. A ride from the airport to the city costs between NAfl. 20, = and Nafl. 40, = to and about NAfl. 15 from Otrobanda to Punda. The rates are based on 1 to 4 persons, with a surcharge of 25% for a fifth passenger and/or after 23:00, and NAfl. 3.50 tip if due to too much luggage the trunk does not close. A tip is usually 10% of the fare, although it is not mandatory. You can hire a cab for round trips starting at about NAfl. 35 per hour.