Safety and security

Safety on Curaçao

On Curaçao it is just as safe (or unsafe) as in a large Dutch city. This makes the island one of the safest vacation destinations in the Caribbean. The stories you see in the Dutch media are about incidents and are no reason to be overly careful or anxious. Of course, you do need to watch your belongings carefully, especially in crowds. Do not take expensive photographic and video equipment to the beach if no one is watching. Also, don't leave it in the car when you park it somewhere. And never go alone onto a deserted beach at night. These are actually standard things that you would not do in the Netherlands.

In the unfortunate event that you become the victim of a robbery or burglary, a few important pieces of advice apply:

  • Try to attract the attention of other people
  • Think about your own safety and the safety of others
  • Hand over valuables if threatened
  • Remember the description of the offender(s)
  • Call 911 as soon as possible
  • Always report the incident to the police (and ask for a copy of the report)
  • Report any damage to your insurance company within 48 hours
  • Contact victim assistance if you need it
  • Finally, a word of warning: in Curaçao, possession of drugs (including a little marijuana) is severely punished!