Traffic rules on Curacao

The traffic rules on Curaçao are almost the same as in the Netherlands, but there are also some important differences. Traffic on through roads has the right of way. If there is no clear through road, traffic from the right has priority, except on priority roads and priority junctions. At T-junctions, traffic on the through road has priority, both from left and right. On traffic circles, traffic from the right has priority, unless the signs indicate otherwise. Note: traffic circles are not traffic circles!

Road signs are international and therefore (almost) always the same as in the Netherlands. This also applies to traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, etc. Within the built-up area the general speed limit is 45 km/h, on the ring road and outside the built-up area 60 or 80 km/h. Speeding over 80 km/h is not allowed anywhere.

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Risky situations

Overtaking, especially outside built-up areas, is a sport for many people, but also very dangerous in many places due to insufficient visibility. Don't be rushed, but accept that you will sometimes be overtaken on the left or right. In the dark, people and animals regularly walk on the road, which is a good reason to take it easy. After a rainstorm the roads can be very slippery, especially if it has been dry for a long time. Also, the roads are not everywhere of good quality, there are often large holes in which you can disappear with a whole wheel. In case of a breakdown, pull over to the side of the road and call the rental company. After that you can possibly contact Road Services at phone number 199. In case of a collision it is best to call the Road Services immediately.

Finally, many cars on Curaçao have a lot of defects, such as broken lights or bumpers that drag on the road. Keep your distance and check your mirrors regularly.