Price war for car rental on Curacao

In recent years the number of car rental companies in Curacao has exploded. Currently there are no less than 39 providers. The reason for this is that there is currently a huge demand for rental cars. The tourism of the island is on the rise and there is good business for handy suppliers. As a result, the larger car rental companies on Curacao are competing with each other, but it has also become difficult for tourists to find the best deals. The prices vary per (vacation) period and are also highly dependent on the type of cars that the rental companies still have available. So it can happen that one moment lessor A is the cheapest and the next moment lessor B.

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It is striking that local landlords hardly keep up with the competition. This is explainable because they often have a different kind of offer. The rental of used or older models is one way in which renters can rent a car for a competitive price. The disadvantage of this is that the conditions are different from those of international rental companies and it can also sometimes be risky if renters are well aware of this. An additional disadvantage is that in recent years many local car rental companies have had to stop their business, due to the cut-throat competition and that renters who had made reservations could whistle for their car and sometimes also their money. The Tourist Office currently advises to pay close attention to the current conditions and whether there are any guarantees.