Restaurants on Curacao

Curaçao has a wide variety of international restaurants with many different types of cuisines. In most restaurants you pay for a main course 15 to 30 guilders; restaurants in the 'haute cuisine' category are usually more expensive. Most restaurants charge a service fee of 10%; if you are very satisfied with the service, you can leave a few more guilders as a tip.

If you want to dine in town and enjoy an ocean view, head to one of the restaurants near the Waterfort arches along the waterfront in Punda. If you prefer something a little less formal, try going to a snèk (roadside snack bar) or, later in the evening, to a truk'i pan (literally bread truck), a stationary bus on the side of the road where you can buy local food. There are also many Chinese restaurants on the island where you can pick up food.

As for clothing, beachwear (bathing suits, halter shirts and beach sandals) is not appropriate, except in beach bars and take-out restaurants. In many places, short shorts or flip-flops are undesirable. Curaçaoans dress well, especially when dining out. Many restaurants have air conditioning, so it might be wise to bring a jacket or thin cardigan.

In Curacao you can eat out good and cheap. You will find many restaurants, especially in the neighborhood of Punda, Otrabanda and Saliña. At the Wilhelminaplein in Punda you can eat real Dutch food and as a student you can eat at many restaurants for half price. Famous restaurants are De Heeren, Tropen, Ay Caramba, Tu Tu Tango and Mambo Beach, but also at the Spanish Water you can eat delicious food on a raft on the water. Really worth it!