Kenepa Curacao

On these two beautiful bays lie the most popular beaches on the island. The intimate Playa Kenepa is partially shaded by manzenilla trees. The snack bar (with a small toilet) is open on weekends and they often play loud music. Locals like to camp here during school vacations.

The larger Playa Abou (Great Beach) has pergolas that provide shade and stand a bit away from the water. There is also a large snack bar. Behind the beach is a small salt marsh. From the parking lot you have an excellent view of the beach to take pictures; a staircase and an exit ramp lead to the beach.
Between the two beaches is a cliff-top lookout point (excellent for taking photos). From here, a path leads through the undergrowth to Playa Kenepa. The nearby Kenepa Country House is worth a visit.