San Nicolas

San Nicolas Curacao

This trio of beaches is hard to find, but the drive through the rugged landscape is an adventure in itself. You can pay the entrance fee at the iron gates, but don't expect much help finding the beaches after this point. The idyllic Santu Pretu (Black Beach) offers stunning views of the south coast, and consists of smooth, brown gravel for plenty of swimming fun. Pos Spañó, located in a romantic tree-lined area, has a coastline with lots of coral and the sea is a bit rougher here. Playa Hulu is one of the most pristine beaches on the island, with a particularly difficult access road, rough sea and lots of coral. This beach is only suitable for excellent swimmers.

Nearby beaches
If you happen to be in the area and want to take a quick dip, head to one of the small nearby beaches. Don't expect much natural beauty, shade, or amenities (perhaps except for a snack bar), but the water is as refreshing as anywhere else and it's great fun for people-watching.