Holiday In Curacao

Curacao is for the Dutch the most popular vacation island in the Caribbean. A vacation Curacao is so popular because of the fact that the whole year is good to stay. Because of the favorable climate there is not really a high or low season for tourism. A large part of the tourists stay in the capital Willemstad, but most spread out on the island and stay in one of the many resorts. Popular resorts lie east of Willemstad in, for example, Jan Thiel or at Mambo Beach. On the west side of Willemstad are also beautiful resorts in the direction of West Point.

Sun, sea, beach and activities

Vacations to Curaçao are so popular because of the great opportunities a tourist has. A lover of sunshine can indulge in Curacao. East of Willemstad are well-maintained and luxurious beaches. On these beaches you can always find a nice restaurant with a cozy cocktail bar. Enjoy yourself with a good book on a luxurious beach chair and the staff will regularly come by to ask if you want something cool to drink. Are you looking for a bounty beach? Step into a rental car and head to the west side of Curaçao. Beaches like Grote Knip, Kleine Knip and Cas Abou are dazzlingly beautiful. Finally, there are plenty of activities to do in Curacao. Think shopping in Willemstad, snorkeling in the beautiful underwater world or take an excursion on the water.

Vacation Rentals Curacao

A vacation to Curacao you can with various providers booking. You have two options: either you book a package including transfers to Curacao. Or you book a flight Curaçao and a hotel or apartment on Curaçao. In terms of airlines, the market is currently dominated by Arkefly and KLM. If you want to compose your own vacation to Curaçao it is advisable to compare the prices of these providers. Are you looking for a allinclusive trip? Then check out the offerings of a.o. Neckermann and Arke. Since 2013, price fighter Corendon is also active with package holidays to Curaçao.

Curacao Holidays

Besides Willemstad, the island of Curacao itself has more than enough to offer. Except for the highest point on the island, Mount Christoffel, the island is relatively flat with only here and there some hilly terrain. Nature on Curacao, from palm trees and sandy beaches to cacti. On the subtropical island you will find many cacti that are used by the population as poles for fences. Furthermore, the sloping Dividivi tree (it stands at an angle because of the continuous winds in the area) is also typical of the Caribbean and Curacao has a varied animal world. Pelicans, flamingos and even sea turtles in the water are a feast for the eyes and an experience to witness. The coast of the island is dotted with bays and beaches, where you can enjoy the sun and various water sports. From surfing to snorkeling and deep sea fishing, make your plans for a wonderful vacation on natural Curacao!

The average temperature on Curacao is around 27 degrees Celsius and with a nice cooling breeze there is actually no bad time to go on vacation to Curacao. However, you must take into account the rainy season from October to December ensures considerable showers on the island. Although the island formally belongs to the Netherlands Antilles and therefore has strong ties with the Netherlands, the culture is rather Caribbean. This lively culture includes many festivals, including Carnival and the annual jazz festival.