Holiday in Curacao with Kids

Holiday in Curacao with Kids

Curaçaoans love children. Most residents of the island come from large families and are used to having many children around them. Curacao is therefore a pleasant and safe island, where you can safely take your children on vacation. You will have little to worry about in Curacao. The island has all the comforts and facilities. The whole island has the atmosphere of a small community. Food you buy at roadside snack bars or at the market is of good quality. The drinking water is pure and the larger supermarkets have a wide range of familiar foods and other items. You won't find a children's menu in local restaurants (you can ask for an extra plate, though, so the meal can be shared).

Activities for children

Families can have fun during a Vacation Curacao at the intimate beach bays, where mom and dad can laze in the sand while the kids stay in sight. The water is so calm, that even children who are afraid of water will have a hard time resisting the temptation. Preferred beaches for (small) children are: Barbara Beach, Playa Abou (Kenepa), Lagun and Seaquarium.

The roads on the island are fairly good and the distances never great, so you can easily explore the countryside with the children. Most local attractions are suitable for children of all ages. Unfortunately, the number of public playgrounds is limited. Some Hotels have their own playground. There is a small indoor playground at Wilhelminaplein in Punda and there is a larger playground at Winkelcentrum 77 on Jan Noorduynweg. Several fast food restaurants also have a playground. The small zoo on the island has two playgrounds and there is plenty of room for children to run around, much of it in the shade. There are two more places for children to romp: the grounds of the Curaçao's Museum (on the grounds are a locomotive and a bandstand) and the Koredó, a two-and-a-half-kilometer-long seaside hiking trail where many families like to hang out.

The busy harbor attracts the attention of almost all children, regardless of age. The floating pontoon bridge and the free ferries that cross St. Anne's Bay are the most popular attractions. Climb the shore of the Water Fortress in Punda or the Rif Fortress in Otrobanda to look at the entrance to the harbor. (Even parents sometimes get the urge to play pirate here). If you want a stunning view of the inner harbor - the hub of Curaçao's economy - head to the porch at the back of Fort Nassau. From this cliff-side vantage point you can see the container terminal and dry dock to the east and the large oil refinery to the west.