Why go to Curacao instead of Bonaire or Aruba?

Why should you choose Curacao over a vacation to Bonaire or Aruba? In this article, we discuss the differences between the abc islands. Curacao is the largest island of the Netherlands Antilles. With its population fluctuating between 130,000 and 150,000 inhabitants, Curacao is the largest island of the Netherlands Antilles. Although it has a less touristy image than Aruba or Bonaire, Curacao has much (if not more) to offer any diver or other active vacationer.

  • Curacao has many (more) dive sites. With over 80 dive sites of which at least 6 belong to the world top class (think Watamula and Klein Curacao).
    Curacao has great and unique biodiversity.
  • Curacao has an eventful history that has yielded a wealth of cultural heritage both underwater and above, such as more than 12 large forts, a downtown placed on the World Heritage List by Unesco, well-preserved plantation houses and many historic wrecks.
    In addition, Curacao has a vibrant nightlife which means there is plenty to do every night;

The tropical island of Curaçao is a 9-hour flight from Belgium and the Netherlands. For a return flight you will pay over 600 Euro this summer, partly due to high fuel prices. A combination of hotel/flight is often more attractive than separate bookings. Upon arrival you immediately get the impression that it is good to be here, lying quietly on the beautiful beaches and letting yourself be carried away with the Caribbean lifestyle. Especially if you lie under a palm tree flanked by exotic cocktails, fresh local beers and platters of fruit and fish, that impression will be confirmed. However, this Antillean gem also has a surprisingly active side that is definitely worth setting aside some time for. The first few days you can, of course, relax and adjust yourself to the different climate. After that, we recommend you spend a few hours a day being nice and active (after which the reward in the form of relaxing feels even better) to discover the island's many hidden treasures.

  • Beaches: Although Curaçao has no real long stretches of beaches, you can choose from a range of over 50 beaches. Ranging from small private bays, ideal for romantic sunbathing, to sprawling resort beaches with fine sand, friendly service and plenty of facilities. There is sure to be a beach to suit your needs.
  • Nightlife: Flush with the sun, the temperature drops, the bars and clubs come alive. With 16 as a minimum age for consuming alcohol, tourists and locals of all ages can hit the dance floor. For the so-called "early-birds," there is always a 'happy hour', but the real party continues into the wee hours.
  • Sunsets: And of course the sunrise for the 'early birds'. Curaçao's light clouds and clean skies, is like a postcard so beautiful. Six out of seven nights you can see a fantastic pastel-colored sunset on the upwind side (toward the north) of the island.
  • The Movies: Does your visit to Curaçao coincide with a release of a movie you'd like to see? Then be sure to visit the movie theater in Punda, near the floating market. With six modern, air-conditioned theaters and the latest movies, it definitely serves as a fun break in the vacation for the whole family. Plus, they sell beer and wine there!
  • Celebrations: There's no getting around it, the people of Curaçao love to party! Whether it's a week-long carnival, the Seu Folklore Festival, Queens Day, Christmas, Easter, Rosh Hashanah, Indian Republic Day, or Flag Day (to name a few), the locals are always ready to party. And why shouldn't they? After all, they live in paradise.
  • Shopping: The myriad stores and markets in Punda and Otrobanda are a shopper's paradise! Many of the narrow picturesque streets are off-limits to traffic, giving pedestrians free rein. You can find clothing, electronic equipment, jewelry, souvenirs and much more at acceptable prices. And all with a short walk from the Pond's Bridge and the cruise ship quay.
  • Casinos: For those who prefer to seek other action, Curaçao has many casinos to offer. Many of the larger hotels have their own casino, with games of chance such as, black jack, roulette, many types of slot machines and video poker.